DC Jacob Banks is horrified after wife Naomi Woods turns up at Sun Hill after being mugged in a dark car park. Banksy introduces Naomi to DI Samantha Nixon and, as they interview her, they soon realise that it wasn’t a random attack – Naomi had been targeted by someone with a personal grudge.

Banksy and Sam discover that the culprit is Bobby Henshaw, whose younger brother, Michael, was knocked down and killed by Alistair Finch, who was cleared after being defended by Naomi. Bobby is clearly out for revenge and Banksy and Sam know that they must find him, and fast.

The officers pay a visit to Bobby’s parents, Edward and Judy, who lay some of the blame of Michael’s death on Bobby, saying he should have looked out for brother. Later, Banksy arrives home, but senses something’s wrong. As he walks into the kitchen, his worst fears are confirmed when he finds an emotional Bobby holding a knife to Naomi’s throat…