Ice Cube’s Calvin and his staff are sharing the premises with the beauty shop run by Regina Hall’s Angie in this third visit to the familiar barbershop on Chicago’s South Side.

There is so much banter and backchat flying around that it is a wonder any haircuts ever get done but, amid the sassy battle-of-the-sexes repartee, the movie also addresses the burning issue of gang violence in Chicago.

Calvin fears his teenage son will fall for the lure of gang life and, while he ponders a move to the safer suburbs, he sets about organising a weekend gang ceasefire centred on the shop.

The film does get preachy, but director Malcolm D Lee ensures there’s plenty of fun, too, with Cedric the Entertainer’s rambling elderly barber Eddie and Nicki Minaj’s saucy sexpot Draya providing the biggest laughs.