The Barlows make peace for Ken’s sake

Ken Barlow makes it clear that he is sick of the bickering family in Corrie

When Ken reveals his fears that the constant family squabbles could be the death of him, Peter takes action. Sick of rowing with Adam and Tracy, Daniel leaves No.1, but Peter finds him and persuades him to return to be a part of the family.

Focusing on Ken’s health, Peter lays down the law to the Barlows, but will everyone be happy? And what’s Adam got planned?

As the residents are left reeling from Todd’s revelation that the money they invested in the flats has gone. Meanwhile, Eileen and Anna are drawing their own conclusions about Phelan’s involvement in the scam.

Sean’s furious to learn that Brian is after his bedroom. When he offers to increase his rent, Brian retaliates and Norris finds himself in the midst of a bidding war.