Barraclough makes headway with the murder case when the police search the Kings’ landfill site and discover what they think is the murder weapon. Barraclough’s suspicions about the guilt of the King brothers deepen and she reports her finding to Vaughn. Barraclough reveals that she’d like to hold a press conference about the latest development in a bid to flush out the real murderer.

Andy finds out about Billy’s confrontation with Jack and he warns Daz to stay well away from Billy as he’s a dangerous man. Billy is hurt when Andy tells him he wants nothing to do with a murderer. Billy says that he’s had enough of the verbal bashings he’s been getting and he’s going to leave the village. Daz is upset at the thought that Billy may leave and he begs him to stay.

Belle is taken to the boarding school to sit the entrance exam but she seems less than enthusiastic about school life and announces that she intends to become a footballer’s wife! Belle takes the test and the Dingles return to the village. Lisa worries about the results and what they could mean for Belle and her future.