Valerie is on top of the world after getting offered a job with a Pharmaceutical Sales Company. She goes to Howard to tell him she’s leaving, taking away his hard job of not renewing her contract. She bids everyone farewell, and when Barry gives her flowers, she realises that he’s in love with her.

At The Mill, Karen is sorry for Safia’s loss, her husband having died recently. Back at home, Safia starts arguing with a large rat in her kitchen. Karen visits and Safia explains her husband has been reincarnated as a rat.

Daniel tells Zara he’s thinking of expanding the Granger Clinic, so as to maximise its profit potential and she agrees that he should go for it. Daniel meets Gary Lucas and they discuss super-clinics, and he hints that he and Zara might not be immune to temptation. Daniel then says he wants in on Gary’s plans, and that he’ll easily persuade Zara.