Valerie checks her phone and tells Daniel that her chemo hasn’t worked but, when he realises she’s only surmised this from reading online blogs, he advises her to see her consultant. Later, she tells Barry she’s sad that she won’t get to grow old… when he suddenly gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him! 

Rob is at the home of Cynthia, who is complaining about the mess in her front garden. She thinks her next door neighbour, Gina, is responsible. Gina is on release from prison but Rob soon realises that Cynthia set Gina up and carts her off to the station.

Jimmi spots Vernon standing on one leg. Karen’s wary he’s been drinking, but Jimmi insists he just has severe Athlete’s foot. Once Vernon has showered, he cheekily asks for some cash to buy flowers for his ex-girlfriend.  Later, Vernon returns to The Mill, now slightly worse for wear and rails at Jimmi for being a ‘do-gooder’. When he gets aggressive, Karen calls the police.