Valerie reveals that she has a new tattoo on her bottom. Emma says she shouldn’t have done it while having chemo, but Valerie argues why not. Later, Valerie tells Barry that the chemo is done, that now she has two weeks of waiting for a scan to see if her tumour has shrunk. She’s terrified and Barry holds her.

Rob asks Karen why she’s changed the passcode for the tablet and she accuses him of checking up on her. Later, she brings the tablet back in, and admits what she’s been doing – gambling. Rob is relieved, but doesn’t say what he thought it might have been.

When a drunk old man, Joe, is brought in to the Custody area, Larkin recognises his name, but hides the fact and gets involved. Jimmi goes to examine Joe, but Miles tells him Larkin has bailed him. Larkin is leading Joe away and it’s revealed Larkin is Joe’s son. Jimmi catches up with them and explains that Joe isn’t drunk, he’s having a stroke. At the hospital, Larkin holds his father’s hand.