Bart cheekily lets on to Jacqui that he’s got her money and they scuffle, only for Myra to intervene. In the commotion, a candle falls into Carmel’s bag, causing it to go up in flames. Later, Myra warns Jacqui that she won’t be told what to do. Jacqui issues Myra an ultimatum: Bart goes or I do!

Lee proudly describes the concept behind his masterpiece ‘Maskara’ and explains that, in order to do the play justice, the girls won’t be allowed to wear make-up. Nancy’s horrified and quits. Lee is supportive of Amy, but Leanne can’t hide her jealousy. She gets her way when Jem gets the lead with Amy as understudy.

Eileen turns up to collect the money from Brendan, and reveals just how concerned for Declan’s health she is. Later, Brendan slips an envelope of cash into Carmel’s bag, but when the bag bursts into flames an irate Brendan tells her what he really thinks of her. Later, Ste tries to empathise with a depressed Brendan, it’s clear that there’s a bond between them.

Also; Jasmine declares herself a boy to a sympathetic Anita, who encourages her to talk to her family or a counsellor. But Jasmine swears Anita to secrecy. Anita’s vague and leaves Jasmine terrified that her secret will come out.

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