Sinead’s resentment of Jason grows as she starts to feel like a third wheel with him and Bart. The trio stumble on an empty farmhouse and go looking for food, but as the tension mounts Sinead and Jason argue and Sinead runs away, sick of being treated so badly. Bart is about to chase after her when the owner of the farmhouse arrives to stop the intruders and points a gun at him.

In Hollyoaks village, Declan’s shocked when he sees Brendan hitting Ste. But Ste is no longer prepared to put up with Brendan’s violence, especially after his continued lies to Declan.

Ste threatens to go to the police about Brendan’s beatings, but reasons that he won’t if Brendan tells Declan the truth about being gay. But Brendan is having none of it.

Also, Rhys and Jacqui’s pub quiz scam is unearthed by Jack, and Theresa and Liberty can’t bring themselves to open their exam results, fearing they’ve both failed.