Bart and Sinead flee Hollyoaks!

Bart and Sinead are determined to run away together and embark on the biggest journey of their lives when they flee the village. As they find temporary accommodation in a seaside Bed and Breakfast it appears the perfect teenage dream. But it’s clear that they will need money to live the life they hoped for and they come crashing back to earth with a bump.

Ethan tries desperately to salvage a relationship with each of his three women – but is thwarted at every turn by an indignant Will, who is disgusted by his scheming.

A depressed Nancy struggles to settle into life at the Osbornes’ when her and Frankie come to blows. It’s soon becomes clear that the pair just cannot agree on anything.

Also, Brendan makes plans to get rid of Noah for good. He wants to set him up so that Ste is forced to break up with him.

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