Life on the run is getting harder for Bart and Sinead as they find themselves in desperate need of cash. Not knowing who else to turn to Bart makes a desperate call for help.

Jason is overjoyed when Bart makes contact with him and when his friend seems in need of some cash Jason makes it his mission to help. Against Seth’s wishes Jason raids the till and heads off into the night to find his friends.

Silas continues to scare Lynsey and she becomes increasingly paranoid when her nurses watch goes missing. Lynsey is sure it’s the old man and on Brendan’s advice she heads round there to confront him. She leaves triumphant as Silas seems to back down but he knows the game only too well and that night visits Lynsey while she’s sleeping.

Also, Carmel makes amends with Mercedes and they sisters have a heart to heart. Afterwards, Carmel resolves to tell Father Francis how she really feels. She makes a move on the priest but flees when they share a chaste kiss.