Jasmine spots Bart ‘tagging’ the Skate Park, and to impress her he graffitis ‘Mitzeee is fat’ on the wall. They watch Mitzeee’s reaction, and Bart takes the opportunity for a cheeky kiss. When Heidi phones, Bart answers, knowing it will cause trouble and Jasmine’s unimpressed. When she gets home, Heidi grounds her but suddenly Mitzeee comes to her rescue. As soon as Heidi’s out the way, Mitzeee points out a new bit of graffiti, ‘Jasmine is a slapper’.

Malachy finds out that Dom took down Veronica’s details while he was on patrol. When Mercedes tries to rub Malachy’s nose in it again, he calls her bluff and walks out on his wife. In a way Mercedes is glad he’s made a mistake that she can hold over him, but Malachy tracks Veronica down. He’s going to get his life back, one way or another.

Rhys wants Duncan to hand over all his allowance as payment for moving in, and gets busy spending the money. When Duncan asks for a bit of cash, Rhys tells him he’s spent all of the months’ money and Duncan’s on his own.

Also; Mitzeee’s at home with her mother Trish, who is furious to get a 40th birthday card from her niece Heidi. She’s 39! Meanwhile, Mitzeee’s got plans for Carl Costello.

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