Bart still loves Jasmine

Heidi sees Bart and Jasmine sharing a tender moment decides her might snap Jasmine out of her ‘phrase’. She sends Bart upstairs where he catches Jasmine cutting herself. After a long chat Bart encourages Jasmine to dress as Jason and Join Guy Candy on stage in the Dog. When Carl sees her he flips and orders her off stage. Later, Bart sends Jasmine a text asking her to come to the shack and tells her he loves her.

Danny turns up in the Village asking Cheryl about Warren. He goes to the Club to look at the accounts and spots Warren on CCTV digging a whole in the ground. He rings Brendan and tells him they have a problem.

Darren and Nancy wake up together and although they’re embarrassed about the night before it’s clear there’s something between them. Later, in front of Darren India and Tex Nancy denies having anyone in her room the night before, but soon passion overtakes them and the pair end up in bed together again.

Also; Tex teases India about her lack of dates. So when India sees a message from Tex’s online date Cameron, she decides to reply herself.

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