As the news of Miles’ and Kirsty’s relationship spreads, Kirsty is worried about how Bartlett will react. Bartlett is soon heaping extra work on Miles, and criticising Kirsty for the mistakes he previously tolerated. After learning from Leah that Bartlett likes Kirsty, angry Miles agrees to give Bartlett a few days to calm down before he takes action.

Rachel is working round the clock to distract herself from her problems with Tony. She finally agrees to meet up with Tony and talk things through but is distracted when she bumps into Bridget who is staying at Summer Bay after getting a job at the Surf Club. With everything brought back to the surface, Rachel decides to postpone their talk. Tony is forced to tell Alf what happened with Bridget, and Alf is left with little choice but to let her go.

After seeing Belle kiss Angelo, Aden goes straight to Roman to ask for a lift back to the clinic. Later, Belle is unhappy when she goes to visit Aden and he refuses to see her. Aden later maintains to Roman that he doesn’t care about Belle and wants to focus on his recovery. But in reality, he is devastated.

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