Gina is very nervous over her impending interview with Bartlett over the Science teacher’s position. Bartlett too is not having the best of days, snapping at students, and forgetting Gina’s interview, which he re-schedules for later in the day. She is so nervous she ruins her chances by being too honest. Bartlett confides in Miles he is burnt out, and then surprises Gina at home and offers her the principal’s job.

Hugo makes Martha think twice about her decision to run for council. Hugo’s apparent lack of support troubles her, and he confesses that he has a skeleton in his closet and he’s worried it will ruin her chances. He was responsible for the death of his first girlfriend but managed to escape prosecution. Martha assures him it won’t hurt her chances at all.

Nicole is behind in her schoolwork and knows she has to catch up, but when she finds out Aden punched Liam and told him to stay away from her, she ends up spending time with Liam and enjoying it. Aden tells her he doesn’t want to see her make any more mistakes like she did with Sid. Later, when Liam calls, Nicole goes to hang out with him, shunning her studies once more.

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