Battle of Britain: Model Squadron – C4, 8pm

Can the modellers get their planes to all fly together at once?

We reach the climax of Battle of Britain: Model Squadron and this ambitious project to bring the Battle of Britain to life using model aircraft.

At last, the modellers have reached Battle of Britain Day – 15th September 1940, when the RAF threw everything it had against the dreaded Luftwaffe.

And it’s going to be a spectacular finish, as the RAF modellers must re-create legendary pilot Douglas Bader’s famous air fighting tactic – a flying formation called the Big Wing.

This involved numerous squadrons meeting incoming Luftwaffe bombers on a raid, keeping together in tight formation to protect London and other strategic areas from aerial attack. Can the modellers get their planes to fly together all at once? All will it all end in disaster?

Meanwhile, it’s the Luftwaffe squadron leader Jürgen’s birthday, but it’s no cause for celebration when bad weather and failing engines are against him.

TV Times Rating: ****

This is the last episode of Battle of Britain: Model Squadron.