Be afraid, Emily. Be VERY afraid

Norris’s intentions to propose get out when Betty gossips to her friends and when Norris tells Emily he has something important to ask her she panics! Emily tells Norris that she’ll never remarry, but Norris says that he’s intending to propose to someone the following day.

Hayley has been behaving strangely ever since the funeral and Becky corners her and asks her what’s wrong. Becky is gobsmacked when Hayley blurts out that she’s discovered that she has a son! As well as the shock realisation that she fathered a child when she was still a man, she wonders what the news will mean for her marriage, as she lied to Roy that she was a virgin when they met.

Ashley and Claire try to get back to normal but Ashley is disturbed when Casey turns up at the door. A trusting Claire insists on inviting her in and she thanks Casey for helping the family! Claire makes Ashley drive Casey home and back at Casey’s, Ashley tells Casey yet again that it’s over between them. Casey petulantly insists that it doesn’t mean she’ll stop being friends with Claire.

Also, Frank asks Cilla to go to Vegas with him.