‘Be my boyfriend, Andy!’

Over the last few weeks, Bernice and Andy have shared a few passionate encounters. Although it’s been a casual sort of arrangement, Bernice has grown tired of that and wants to get serious with her hunky tomboy, so she lays it on the line – they either do this properly, as girlfriend and boyfriend, or not at all… 

Terminally-ill Donna and her daughter April are being christened, but the special day is spoiled by a barrage of frantic texts from Ross… Making her excuses, Donna leaves to meet Ross and discovers that the robbery – that she helped Ross plan – has gone wrong because as he made off with the loot, he was confronted by a man wielding a baseball bat. Ross is bruised and covered in blood, but his assailant has come off much worse.

After Sam tried to run off to Ireland with Belle just before her trial, he was arrested and charged with perverting the course of justice. Now he’s due in court to be sentenced, but the only person who knows about it is Sean, who decides to tell Zak and Lisa what Sam’s facing. Alarmed, Zak and Lisa tell Sam that they will be there for him as they head off for his sentencing.