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Bear goes wild with England manager Gareth Southgate in a new one-off show

Bear Grylls goes wild with England manager Gareth Southgate

The unlikely hero of the Summer, Gareth Southgate, has another surprise in store for us this Christmas – he has agreed to go on an adventure with Bear Grylls on Dartmoor!

And there won’t be any time to pet the ponies…

Instead, Bear makes the popular football manager jump out of a helicopter, hang on a high wire over a rocky gorge and abseil off a cliff facing forwards.

Bear gives Gareth some abseiling instructions…

If that weren’t bad enough, he also sits him down by the campfire and broaches the awkward subject of penalties.

It’s not all bad news though, as Bear gives Gareth a special camouflage waistcoat to add to his collection.

This one-off special is a fascinating insight into a quiet superstar.

TV Times rating: *****