Beaten Brax is lost in the bush

Brax wakes to find himself lost in the bush and he’s been badly beaten. Fortunately, Sid finds him wandering and drives him to hospital where Danny and Heath are visiting the baby. Heath rushes to see him but Bianca notices Danny isn’t too concerned about his son. When he comes face to face with him, Danny makes it clear to Brax that this was payback. Natalie also finds out about Brax’s beating and quickly realises Danny was behind it.

Casey insists Brax tells him who’s behind the attack and is stunned to learn what his father is capable of. He confronts Danny but the ex-con spins a story that convinces his youngest son of his innocence.

And, as part of her counselling session, Natalie convinces Sid to let Bianca out for a day pass to the beach and The Diner where they talk about Bianca’s relationship with Heath. When she returns to the hospital, Bianca tells Heath how great he’s been for the baby… and for her, a confession that ends in a passionate kiss.