Nancy and Jake rush to Becca’s bedside when they hear that she’s been stabbed by her psycho cellmate Fran. Relieved to learn that she’s expected to make a full recovery, Jake has a heart to heart with Becca and they vow to put their problems behind them and make a fresh start as soon as she recovers.

Meanwhile, Justin is horrified to learn Becca is critically ill but is talked out of visiting her by Warren. But back at the hospital, Becca suddenly deteriorates and Jake and Nancy are deeply concerned when the doctor insists they must operate on her at once.

Still trying to spice up their sex life, Tina and Dominic decide to indulge in role-playing: as Cathy and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. But while they’re getting passionate in the storeroom, Michaela overhears Dominic shout out ‘Cathy’ in excitement, and jumps to the conclusion that Dominic is having an affair with Kathy Barnes!

Jessica and Kris wake up together after their night of passion but their new found harmony doesn’t last long. Kris has another go at Will for encouraging Elliot’s pervy Valentine card, and despite Will’s unflustered reaction, underneath, he decides to get his revenge.
* Screened on TV3, Thursday 15th March *