True to his word, Justin tells Calvin that he lied in court and now wants to make a new statement. Stunned, Calvin warns Justin he could be charged with perjury, but Justin is adamant he wants to come clean, and goes to the police to make a new statement that puts Becca in the clear. Becca starts to believe that she might get out of prison.

Jake’s shocked to hear the news about Justin. But just as things appear to be looking up for Becca, her evil cellmate Fran leaves Becca’s life hanging in the balance when she stabs her…

Jessica is puzzled and horrified when she receives a suggestive Valentine’s card, and is furious when she discovers Elliot was responsible, after being persuaded to send it by Will. Unimpressed, Kris confronts an angry Will about his behaviour in front of Zoe and Jessica, who shows her appreciation by giving Kris her own extra special Valentine’s gift.

Also, Tina tries to persuade prudish Dominic to spice things up in the bedroom, while Gilly’s attempts at seducing Nurse Roberts hit a snag.
* Screened on TV3, Wednesday 14th March *