Becca’s overjoyed when she gives birth to a baby boy, despite the trauma of yesterday’s guilty verdict. But the new arrival doesn’t cheer up a distraught Nancy and she vows to get justice for her sister.

Meanwhile, proud Jake is as pleased as punch to meet his potential new son and promises Becca he’ll look after the baby.

Tom gets frustrated with Max’s ill health when it stands in the way of a visit to Father Christmas. And when Clare refuses to deliver his letter to Santa, Tom does a runner to post the note himself. Later, Clare agrees to let OB pay Max a visit and when he arrives, he’s shocked by Max’s fragile appearance.

Michaela heads off to a secret meeting with her dad, Ricky, who gives her hope of a family reunion when he tries to wangle an invite to the McQueen Christmas lunch.

Also, Hannah is hurt when it becomes apparent how uncomfortable John-Paul is with her, and is further confused and upset when a distant John-Paul dumps her without explanation.