Becca washes Stacey’s pills down the sink and encourages her to start living her life again. Becca gloats to Jean when Stacey leaves Lily with her to do a stock-take and tries to drive a wedge between Jean and Stacey. Jean warns Becca that Stacey will see through her. Becca hits back that Jean owes her one as she stopped Stacey running away with Bradley by calling the police. Jean stares, stunned, realising that Becca is responsible for Bradley’s death!

Jane confesses to Denise that she’s planning on leaving Ian after siphoning off all his money. Denise tries to reason with Jane and insists that Ian is a good husband. Jane is furious that Denise is sticking up for Ian. Denise is touched when Ian gives her a birthday cake for Jordan as a gift. Ian is deflated when Jane gets home and has a go at him for making a mess of the kitchen.

Ricky lies to Bianca about where he’s going and sneaks out to the hospital to see Sam. Ricky feels confused about his feelings when Sam tells him she doesn’t want her baby growing up without a father. Ricky returns to the Square and Bianca locks him in the caravan for some passion!

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