As David and Kylie head to the hearing Becky starts work at the Bistro. She thanks Nick who is sure she’ll vindicate his decision. But when David and Kylie arrive to celebrate, claiming they’ve got a good chance of getting custody of Max, Becky reels. Pushed to the limit Becky manages to keep her cool and Nick’s supportive and they share a nightcap and compare notes on their lost loves. They slowly realise they’re like peas in a pod and when Nick moves in for a kiss, Becky responds.

When Dev hits on the idea of moving Amber into the shop flat so he can keep his eye on her, he’s unscrupulous as he forces Tina out. With nowhere to go Tina finds herself accepting a room at Tyrone’s. Arriving home as she moves in Tommy can’t believe his luck.

Cheryl’s house warming party is going well despite tensions between Chris and Lloyd and Leanne and Stella. But when Chris gets bolshy and starts behaving strangely Maria confronts him.

Also, Audrey debates handing more control of the salon over to Kylie and David so she can enjoy time with Marc.