Becky discovers that Kylie’s done a runner after their bust-up at the Rovers and she tracks her down to her house in suburbia. But she’s stunned to find her playing with a three-year-old, Max.

Dev and Sunita are relieved to hear Aadi is awake, but they’re on edge when the police want to speak to Aadi alone. But he still can’t remember anything, so the police move on to a frightened Claire. Even though she knows she needs to tell the truth, under pressure she fails to admit that she left Aadi alone with Sophie and Sian. She tells the police that all the kids were fine when Sunita came to pick them up. But later, when the Alahans face the Peacocks in the street the mud-slinging begins.

Ken and Dierdre are still at loggerheads. At a loss for what to do next Ken decides to contact his old flame Susan, and find out what she wanted to talk to him about all those years ago.

Also, Natasha is getting desperate as she continues to fake her pregnancy. When Fiz and John proudly show off their baby scan, she spots an opportunity and pockets it.

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