Becky and Steve set a date

Becky meets Slug at the cafe and tells her she needs to watch her back and be careful, leaving Becky confused. When Lloyd tells Steve about their meet, he turns down a vacancy at the registry office claiming its too short notice to arrange the wedding. Later, Becky admits to Steve that she bought Slug breakfast, but tells him she wants him to call back and book the vacant slot for their nuptials.

Audrey brings Helen to the salon, still trying to calm her fears about Tony but Natasha makes things worse voicing her own experiences. Maria’s defensive as Audrey questions her over Tony’s motives, when suddenly he turns up leaving her feeling uncomfortable.

David empties Joe’s pills into his pocket and throws the empty bottle onto a bonfire the two have created. Joe cries out in alarm and David apologises, claiming he thought Joe wouldn’t need them anymore. Acting sympathetic afterwards, David suggests Joe needs to stay on his medication for longer. When Graeme refuses to supply Joe with more pills, David offers an alternative…

Also, Fiz gives Chesney some trainers as a birthday present but he’s unimpressed when they’re the wrong size. She asks Sian and Sophie to cheer him up.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Jason tells Eileen and Tina that Leon wants him to join his football team, but he hasn’t realised it’s for gay men only! Tina and Jason call round to ask Joe if he’ll fit them a free kitchen in No.12 to save them money. But when David arrives home they make a sharp exit.

David finds out that Graeme charged Joe £50 for painkillers. So When Joe corners David and asks him if he’s managed to get him some more he tells him he on the case but it’ll cost Joe £100!

Steve and Becky proudly tell Lloyd they’ve set a wedding date for two weeks’ time and Steve wonders if he can persuade Liz to return from Spain.

Also; Claire tells Ashley she’s found a summer football camp in Cheshire for Joshua to attend; Chesney’s fed up as it’s his birthday and he hasn’t got any money to do anything; Tony apologises to Helen and Barry and suggests they try to be friends for the sake of baby Liam.

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