Becky and Tracy come to blows!

As the Rovers staff prepare for the party she arrives at the pub to collect Amy, determined to spend time with her daughter at Christmas. Becky’s furious when Steve lets her go, fearing Tracy won’t bring her back, but Steve assures her he knows what he’s doing. Tracy does bring her back, but having learnt from Amy that Becky and Steve ‘bought’ Max, Tracy curtly informs them she’s taking Amy for good. Becky flies at her and they brawl in the pub. Steve tries to calm them down, but Tracy trumps him by threatening to tell the authorities he paid for Max if he tries to keep hold of Amy. Steve is at a loss at how to react.

As one resident does a U-turn on their plans to leave the street, another announces that they’ll be renewing their wedding vows in the wake of the tram crash horror. But it seems their partner isn’t ready to commit again.

A few minor concessions are made for Christmas in one household, but hostilities can’t remain on hold for long for this warring family.

Also, emotions run high as families miss their loved ones, but one tortured soul has a confession to make; when Tracy makes some nasty remarks about one of the dead she faces the wrath of another resident and a harsh slap; Steve’s exhausted as the stress of his debts take their toll on his marriage.

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