Steve’s shocked to get a visiting order from Tracy, but addressed to Becky. Steve warns that Tracy’s a manipulative liar, but Becky agrees to visit. At the prison, Tracy calmly makes Becky an offer: she’ll give the adoption agency a good reference if Amy remains a Barlow and Steve writes to the governor saying Amy needs to see more of her mum.

But when Becky questions her commitment to Amy, Tracy starts trading insults. Losing it, Becky lunges over and grabs Tracy by her hair. As the guard drags Becky off she shouts Tracy can forget seeing Amy from now on – and Tracy retorts they can kiss goodbye to their chance of adopting.

As Tracy plays it softly, softly with Gail, David’s got his eye fixed on the trial date. But when Nick discusses financing the house and David sees Gail’s job being advertised, he worries that everyone’s just accepting she’s going down.

When Liz admits she had a hand in Teresa leaving, Lloyd assumes she wants to get back with him. But Liz assures him that’s not what she wants and wishes him luck with Cheryl. Also, Lloyd wins the Secrets contract for Streetcars.

Elsewhere, Roy apologises to Hayley but still doesn’t understand why she’s so upset about his unromantic proposal.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

As Steve tries to get to find out what happened with Tracy, Deirdre storms into the Rovers claiming Becky has no right to stop Amy seeing her mum. Steve apologises for Becky and, when Deirdre leaves, Becky accuses Steve of siding with Tracy.

As a public row breaks out, Steve lets Becky know that, once again, her temper could lose them everything. Bitter, Becky reminds Steve that while he’ll always have his family with Tracy she’s now unlikely to ever be the mother of his child.

As David starts collecting signatures for his ‘Free Gail’ campaign he’s surprised when Nick backs him, calling a journalist from the Gazette to report on their story.

During a row about their potential wedding, Roy admits he wishes he’d never mentioned it. As he carefully retracts his proposal, claiming it’s causing too much conflict, Hayley’s forced to agree.

Elsewhere, Nick and Carla are relieved when he arranges a meeting with a potential new client. And Lloyd’s smitten with Cheryl, but can’t quite find the words to tell her.

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