Becky causes a stir when she comes down for breakfast at the Platt’s having spent the night with Nick. Gail can’t believe he’s interested in a girl like Becky, but Nick insists they’re two lost souls who’ve made a connection. Steve‘s also gobsmacked, but insists he too is seeing someone new and has moved on. Desperate to prove two can play at this game he dusts off his old contacts book and arranges a date with old flame Beth.

When Chris takes the morning off work without permission to spend time with Russ Owen is furious. He is becoming increasingly sick of Chris’s erratic behaviour. Maria has noticed that he’s behaving strangely, but can’t put her finger on what’s wrong.

Tommy finds himself double dating when he agrees to a meal with Amber. But when Tina offers to cook for him to say thanks for letting her move in, he’s torn. Insisting he’ll be there for Tina he’s forced to rush his date with Amber.

Also, Audrey prepares to hand more of the running of the salon to David on if agrees to go on a management training course.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Becky and Steve row over Beth, Nick’s had enough and orders them out. Alone with Becky he insists he can’t have her blowing up at customers and tells her to go and cool down. He realises that Becky’s heart lies with someone else and she will never feel the same about him.

When Chris forgets to pick Liam up from nursery Maria’s furious. She accuses him of having second thoughts about their relationship.

David and Kylie play it safe with Audrey. They are keen to get her on side. Kylie advises David not to tell her about some of their more creative visions yet, while they first present her with what they know will impress. Will Audrey approve of David’s business plan?

Also, Tommy turns on the charm and it’s clear Tina is warming to him. But just as they’re about to kiss, Amber bursts in on their date.