A guilty Becky wakes up in the middle of the countryside inside the Croppers’ car with Slug nowhere to be found. Slug turns up and suggests that they dump the car in town and she’s horrified, so a nonchalant Slug drives off and leaves her stranded. Meanwhile, Roy and Hayley have reported their car missing and when Becky finally makes it into work she pretends she knows nothing about it. But when the car is finally found, Becky’s coat is found inside and Hayley is appalled by her treachery.

Ken is furious when he wakes up to find that Tracy has stayed out all night after heading off for a night on the town. Tracy returns home and is unapologetic for her actions. The Barlows are even more outraged when Tracy admits that she picked up a bloke and spent the night with him.

Sonny returns from his trip to Dublin bearing gifts for Michelle. The barmaid is clearly smitten by the charming Sonny, but she’s worried that her family may not have taken to him. But it’s full steam ahead with her relationship when they make it clear that they approve of him.