Steve has decided to pull out all the stops and surprises Becky with a romantic trip to Newcastle. Although it’s not Paris, the super deluxe room and Jacuzzi are good enough for her. Liz is annoyed to say the least, but Becky is too excited and heads upstairs to pack. But when Steve comes to find her, she is nowhere to be seen.

Jason is still in a foul mood after his break up with Tina, and stewing over his argument with Nick. So when Bill tries to offer a few words of wisdom, Jason snaps at him and quits his job. Things go from bad to worse for Jason as he starts to feel guilty about Bill, and Norris tells him Tina has gone AWOL.

Rita spots Lewis’s advert in a magazine and gives him a call behind Audrey’s back, asking him to accompany her to a matinee this afternoon. But she is so excited she finds it hard to keep the information to herself

Also, David visits Gail in prison and is pleased to see her looking much better, but that soon changes when he tells her what he has been up to.

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