Becky discovers love rat Steve’s deception

Becky meets up with Steve and asks him how Michelle is coping. Steve suggests that Becky stays away from the Rovers, so she is surprised when Poppy rings her later to ask her to do a shift. She’s even more shocked when she realises that she is standing in for Michelle, who has gone to have her hair done for a night out with Steve! Becky is devastated when she realises that Steve has been lying to her all along and she tells him it’s over.

Peter wakes late again to find Simon surrounded by milk and broken glass as the poor little lad had been trying to get ready for school without waking him. Peter is determined to make amends and when Liz offers to collect Simon later he insists he will come with her.

Molly and Amber are excited about their joint birthday and hen party as Tara has promised them a sophisticated do round at Dev’s flat. Meanwhile, Tyrone is planning on a stag night in the less glamorous surroundings of the Flying Horse and he drives Kevin mad with his constant talk about the wedding plans.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Molly has her hen night at Dev’s and Tara has laid on a sophisticated party, but the mood is spoilt when Jackie turns up. Molly agrees to let Jackie stay as long as she behaves. Graeme has been hired to do the catering, but Tara is furious when Jackie convinces him to do a strip!

Tyrone and his stags are at the Flying Horse and enjoying a few beers and some laughs but Tyrone’s night is interrupted by a call from Pam. Tyrone is stunned when Pam asks him to do one last job for her to get the money for a new pigeon coop for Jack. Tyrone can’t get out of it and even ends up agreeing to a meeting on his wedding day!

Becky bitterly watches Michelle and Steve head off for their night out before handing in her notice at the Rovers. Steve tries to talk to her as she leaves the pub, but she’s had enough and heads back to an empty cafe where she sits alone in the darkness, pondering how she’s been let down by a man yet again.

Also, Tara realises that Amber is disappointed with her 18th birthday present from Dev.

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