Steve is forced to face Becky’s decision. He cooks her a romantic meal hoping that they can talk about having kids. But Becky can’t handle the pressure and feeling backed into a corner, she claims she never has wanted kids and never will. The night goes from bad to worse as Steve remains gutted and the couple reach a stalemate.

Molly‘s forced to commit plan B while Kevin is back at home feeling incredibly guilty admiring sally’s bravery. Completely forgetting about Molly, he is filled with love for his wife. Meanwhile, Molly has decided to put on an act and pretend she’s over Kevin as she and Tyrone look forward to 2010.

Audrey looks for an escort for her night out. When Audrey’s left with no plus one for the stylists dinner she remembers meeting escort Lewis. She steels herself and calls him and is pleased when he remembers her and accepts.

Also; Sophie’s angry and tells Sian their friendship is over after she broke the purity pledge.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Steve and Becky can’t reconcile their differences. He continues to plead his case for kids with her but when she regrets she’ll never change her mind, he tells her he’s moving into Amy’s room. The couple just can’t decide what to do and a dejected Becky wants to know where this leaves their marriage. But Steve is dead set on having kids and she’s gutted left when Steve says he doesn’t know.

Audrey enjoys high society with Lewis. She pays him to escort her to the stylist’s dinner. For once she can let herself go and have fun. She enjoys his flattery and finally lets all her worries out and is grateful to have someone who’ll listen.

Tyrone churns over an unexpected offer. While on a breakdown, Tyrone gets offered the chance of a job at a big garage in Chester. He instantly decides he isn’t interested knowing that he is happy with Molly at home.

Also; When Tyrone returns back to the street Molly insists a change could do them good. But she knows it can only be a temporary solution with Kevin still weighing heavily on her mind.

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