Becky drops a bombshell at the wedding! (VIDEO)

As Tracy excitedly prepares to get married she thanks Deirdre for keeping her secret. Meanwhile, Steve bumps into Becky who has one last go at convincing him she’s innocent, but Steve’s mind is made up – he believes Tracy. At the church both he and Tracy are shocked to see Becky and Kylie there just as the service begins. The wedding underway, Kylie wonders when Becky will drop her bombshell. As the vicar asks if anyone knows of any lawful impediment Becky stands up…

Paul insists on paying Eileen for the damage Lesley did to her home. He’s taking her to the care home today and when Eileen offers to go with him he agrees.

Frank’s worried when he finds out his trial has been brought forward. His private detective still hasn’t got anything on Carla and Peter so he sacks her. Carla‘s also unnerved by news of the trial date and calls Peter, who rushes round, despite the fact he’s supposed to be on best man duties for Steve. Luckily Dev steps into the brink.

Also, Stella and Karl’s mortgage application for the Rovers is accepted; Sylvia’s furious to discover Roy’s put a bar on Milton’s phone number, but when Sophie teaches Sylvia about Skype she prepares for a ‘date’ with Milton.

*Second Episode 8.30pm*

Becky‘s bombshell blows Steve’s life apart and having taken her revenge she prepares to leave the street with her head held high. Saying goodbye to those she loves – the Croppers, Kylie and Max – she bids her final farewell and heads to the airport. Tracy’s an emotional wreck, but as Steve absorbs what’s happened he races to the airport searching for Becky.

Catching Becky, Steve admits he made the biggest mistake of his life in believing Tracy and begs her to take him back. Becky’s torn, but as Danny and Billy approach she’s forced to make a choice. Walking away she realises she is prepared for a new life with Danny and her love for Steve has finally gone.

When Marcus arrives home he urges Jason to try supporting his mum instead of knocking her. As he apologises for the way he’s treated Paul and hands them a bottle of wine they’re stunned. It’s been a difficult day and when Paul admits he’s dreading going home to an empty house Eileen suggests he stays with her.

Also, as D-Day draws near for Norris and his musical skills are getting no better, Mary suggests there’s only one option left to beat Sylvia – cheat!