Becky takes great delight in telling everyone that she is back with Jason. Roy is very disapproving and lets her know in no uncertain terms how he feels about the situation. Becky is wound up by his attitude and before long the two are rowing in the cafe and end up saying some very hurtful things to each other.

Tony is delighted when Rita tells him that she will accept his offer subject to a proper valuation. Norris is not happy with Rita’s decision, but knows that he won’t be able to change her mind. Tony tells Carla that he is now going to make a move on Kevin but he’s furious when Kevin turns him down flat and it looks like Tony will have his work cut out persuading Kevin to sell up.

Vernon is preparing to leave the Rovers, but Michelle is worried about him and doesn’t see why he should lose his job as well as his home. As Vernon loads his drum kit into a van Lloyd takes pity on him and tells him he can stay on the sofa at his for a while.

Also, Ken is troubled at the thought of going to his university reunion.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Roy and Becky struggle to forgive each other after their spat and as a hurt Becky packs her bags to leave the flat, she hopes that Roy will stop her. When he says nothing to prevent her leaving she lashes out and calls him and Hayley weird. Becky runs to Jason and confesses she is now homeless and he tells her she can move into the Grimshaws with him.

Carla and Tony discuss how he is going to handle Kevin, and Tony reckons that everyone has their price – especially a man with a wife and two teenage daughters. Tony approaches Kevin again in the pub, but Kevin insists he’s not interested. Tony thinks Kevin is playing hard to get in a bid to up the price.

Ken is having a coffee with new best friend Roger and explains that he doesn’t want to go to the university reunion as he feels like a failure. Roger tells him that he shouldn’t feel inferior as he’s achieved a lot in his life and his words give Ken food for thought.

Also, Sean and Marcus tell Eileen that they have found a flat and are moving out; a miserable Vernon gets drunk with Lloyd.