Becky has her first shift at the Rovers and Ken comments on how well she did, but Roy is still not happy with her for taking the job. Jason, meanwhile, takes the opportunity to talk to Becky and explain why things went wrong for them before. It isn’t long before they are snogging outside the builder’s yard and when Roy spots them he is even more dismayed.

Sally is still furious with the Peacocks and tells Kevin to ask them to leave. But Claire and Ashley know they have outstayed their welcome and Kevin finds them with bags already packed. But it’s clear that No 11 is still not in a fit state to live in and they wonder where they can go.

Liz is feeling guilty about dumping Vernon, but tells Michelle that she knows she has done the right thing. Liz is keen to get away for a while and she plans a holiday. When Harry comes sniffing round she makes it very clear that she hasn’t finished with Vernon just to jump straight into bed with him.

Also, Norris is dismayed when Rita seems determined to sell and starts looking at properties abroad and it looks like Tony may have got his own way after all.