Becky gets two proposals!

Jason surprises Becky with tickets for a romantic getaway in Spain for Valentine’s, but a superstitious Becky refuses to travel on Friday the 13th. Jason is determined to make this Valentine’s Day special and later he bursts into the cafe in a naval uniform Officer And A Gentleman-style and sweeps Becky off her feet, then he takes her outside where a gleaming Harley awaits. Becky is stunned when Jason produces an engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Steve has his own pre-Valentine’s surprise for Becky after finding out that she refused to go on holiday with Jason. Unaware of Jason’s subsequent extravagant proposal he arms himself with a bunch of flowers and Michelle’s old engagement ring to pop the question. Steve is left gutted when he realises that he’s too late.

Tony apologises to Maria for the state he was in at the graveyard, but when he enters the factory to discover the usual high jinks he sees red and insists that supervisor Julie sack someone by the end of play.

Also, Julie is irritated by Kirk’s simplicity; Natasha puts her disastrous date with Steve behind her; Sally hires Graeme to tidy up her garden; Anna tells Tina that Gary punched Len when he found out about his bullying tactics.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve can’t bear to watch as everyone congratulates Becky and Jason on their engagement and he storms back into the Rovers. When Becky arrives in the Rovers to celebrate she is surprised by Steve’s seemingly calm reaction. When Becky pops out for a fag she finds an angry and resentful Steve who makes his real feelings known and she’s stunned as he produces the ring he had planned to give her and asks her to marry him instead!

Sally is very pleased with Graeme’s handiwork in the garden, but when Kevin comes home she passes the work off as her own. Kevin is impressed until Graeme turns up to see if he left his watch and Sally is forced to come clean. Kevin is furious with her for lying to him and ends up staying the night at his old house with Ashley!

Tina sees Gary in the garden and asks if he really threw a punch at Len for threatening her. When Gary says he did, Tina thanks him. Meanwhile, David is determined to treat Tina to something nice for her 18th birthday.

Also, Julie feels under pressure when Tony insists that unless she finds someone to sack she will be out of a job herself.

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