Becky is determined nothing is going to spoil her second wedding to Steve, while best man Lloyd helps him get ready for the big day. Things get off to a great start for the groom when his mum and brother arrive at the Rovers.

Hayley and Natasha help an excited and, more importantly, sober Becky with her wedding dress, hair and make-up. Eddie puts the finishing touches to Steve and Becky’s wedding cake and he and Anna deliver it to the Rovers for the reception. The stage is set for a fabulous day and when Jim arrives at the last minute Becky and Steve feel nothing can go wrong and prepare to make their vows.

Slug and Hooch plan their revenge, and as the happy couple return to the pub for their reception the nightmare that awaits them makes Becky’s drunken antics at their first wedding pale into insignificance. The police turn up at the pub looking for Becky!

Also; Michelle collects her stuff from No.7 and apologises to Maria for overreacting, wishing her and Tony well.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky is arrested as the horrified McDonalds and their assembled guests look on while the police start searching the premise. And they are even more shocked when they find what they are looking for. Steve reassures Becky and tells her he will stand by her, but she realises that he has automatically assumed she is guilty and is gutted as the police take her away.

Steve later discovers that Becky really did win the dream honeymoon and didn’t paid for it by breaking the law. He feels incredibly guilty and heads off to the station to support her. Meanwhile, Hooch is at the station and crowing over Becky’s arrest. She soon realises that he was behind the whole thing – but with no way to prove it she finds herself spending her wedding night in a cell.

Tony goes to see Maria at No.7. He’s delighted when she suggests that he should move in on a permanent basis and heads home to pack his things. Maria’s thrilled as she now feels they’re a ‘family’.

Also, Lloyd and Jim lock horns over Liz.

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