Becky leaves Weatherfield

Hayley and Roy are still reeling from the fire at the café and are completely convinced of Becky’s guilt. When Becky is released without charge from the police station after the cops are unable to confirm that it was arson, Hayley is incensed – not to mention angry with herself for ever trusting her.

In the meantime, Carla decides to sack Becky from the factory as she’s a liability. Becky pleads with Hayley that she had nothing to do with the fire, but Hayley refuses to believe her. Later, Hayley finds out that the fire was caused by an electrical fault. Hayley chases Becky to a bus stop to apologise for her accusations, but it’s too late and Becky leaves Weatherfield.

Elswhere, Maria does her best to cheer up a miserable Fiz, who is missing having Chesney around, while a chuffed Ches is being spoilt rotten at the Battersby-Browns’. Fiz is infuriated when she sees a triumphant Cilla in the street, who twists the knife and tells Fiz that if she wants a kid so much she should have one of her own and stay away from Chesney!

At Underworld, Carla is pleased when she learns that Trendy Tots have doubled their order for her kids’ clothing line and she tries to tell Paul the good news. Paul is flippant with Carla and makes it clear he can’t be bothered to listen to her. Carla is furious that he is still won’t take her business seriously.