Becky makes a decision about the boys

Becky is hungover after her engagement celebrations and Jason is keen to talk wedding plans, but it’s clear that Becky’s heart is not in it. A concerned Hayley asks her what’s wrong and Becky tells her about Steve’s proposal and confesses that she is torn between the two of them. Hayley suggests she write a list of the pros and cons of each suitor. Becky has lunch with Eileen and Jason and she comes to a decision and tells a devastated Jason that she doesn’t want to marry him.

Sophie brings new boyfriend Ben home for lunch and Kevin and Sally are pleased to be distracted from their row. They chat to Ben about his church and are rather taken aback when Sophie announces that she has become a Christian and has vowed to remain celibate until she is married. Sally is not sure whether to be pleased or not!

Julie is feeling the strain of her task to choose a colleague for Tony to sack and she tells the workers to stop taking advantage. Meanwhile, Janice tries to convince them all that she would make a great nurse.

Also, Eddie tries to bribe David and Tina not to give evidence at the court case.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky heads over to The Rovers to see Steve and when she turns up, Steve is convinced that she has come to have another go at him. But he’s stunned when he notices that she’s not wearing Jason’s engagement ring and, realising that Becky has come to give him another chance, he goes down on one knee and proposes. The news spreads and it reaches the ears of a newly returned Michelle, who doesn’t take it too well and almost comes to blows with Becky.

Len tries to play the nice guy and seeks out Ted to talk about their ‘family problems’. Canny Ted is not taken in by petty crook Len, but Tina is still scared of him and is worried when he tells her that if she doesn’t stay away from the trial things will be bad for David’s granddad.

Julie has a go at the factory girls for skiving and they are surprised that she’s suddenly cracking the whip. Julie blurts out to a stunned Fiz that Tony has told her to sack one of the girls or she’ll be out on her ear!

Also, Deirdre invites Liz and Lloyd for dinner; Sally is mystified by Sophie’s interest in the church.

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