Becky is stung when Liz criticises her interaction with Amy so when Amy’s school calls saying an upset Amy’s being sent home Becky goes to collect her. Amy’s teacher reveals that one of Amy’s schoolmates told Amy her mum’s a murderer. Amy asks Becky if it’s true and Becky confirms it. Liz and Steve are horrified to hear what Becky’s done and a huge row breaks out where more than a few home truths are revealed.

Maria is angry when she learns that Tony has offered to buy Tom out of Ladrags behind her back and she angrily tells Tony she doesn’t want to be in partnership with him. Tony is miserable and Tom’s happy he’s caused a rift between them.

Chesney asks Fiz to find out what ‘misanthropic’ means so he can do his GCSE homework. Fiz seizes upon this as a reason to justify visiting John. As she arrives at the prison her emotions are in turmoil, but she’s left deflated when she discovers she’s forgotten her photo ID and can’t go in.

Also, Kelly looks forward to her birthday celebrations and decides to set her sights on Luke; Jason offers to be Molly’s training partner for the charity run.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky hides out at the cafe following her row with Steve and when Roy suggests she should have let Amy’s family tell her about Tracy, Becky says she thought she was family. Steve tells Liz that he loves Becky, but she’s a liability and with Amy to think of he doesn’t know if it can work. Liz is secretly hopeful that it could mean the end for Steve and Becky’s relationship.

Tony has Luke over a barrel and says he’ll only return to Underworld if Luke agrees to make decisions jointly. When Maria apologises to Tony, Tom realises he’s been beaten and agrees to sell Ladrags to him. Maria tells Tom he’s ‘like a brother’ to her and Tom is crushed.

Kelly’s birthday celebrations are full swing in the Rovers and she’s keen to a bag a man, but when she hits on Luke he knocks her back. Kelly turns her attentions to Tom, who after his row with Maria and Tony is only too happy to be leaving with someone else. Meanwhile, Jason has an appreciative audience in Julie and he turns on the charm.

Also, Chesney’s worried about a miserable Fiz; Tyrone’s annoyed when Molly encourages Jack to spend time with Connie.