Dawn visits Steve and Becky to talk over their adoption options, but Becky takes the opportunity to get her hands on Kylie’s address. Later, she’s shocked when she turns up at a nice house in a nice area. But Kylie hasn’t changed a bit as she gloats about Becky not getting a child and the pair are soon fighting. As the sisters continue to rake over old ground they slowly realise they have more in common then they think.

Claire‘s looking after Asha, Aadi and Simon. But when her mum has an accident and calls for help she’s forced to ask Sophie and Sian to look after the kids. The girls readily agree and Claire’s clearly relieved. Later, she returns home and is gobsmacked to see Sian and Sophie snogging on the sofa.

Eileen and Owen’s date goes well and after a kiss on the doorstop Eileen thinks she’s on to a sure thing. But Owen’s unsure whether he should spend the night.

Also, Natasha’s on edge as Nick suggests they attend an early pregnancy class; Sophie gets her exam results.

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