Becky wants revenge!

Becky tries her best to work with an angry Liz, but she shows her nothing but contempt and continues to point out all Becky’s shortcomings. Becky finally snaps and grabbing a bottle of vodka, storms out. Steve tries to stop her, but Becky’s on a mission and goes on a drunken rampage for revenge.

When Carla announces to the factory girls that she’s reducing their hours Maria feels guilty and tries to drum up some new business. But as the realisation dawns that Frank is their only hope of saving Underworld she faces a terrible dilemma. She has to decide whether to put her personal feelings to one side and apologise to Frank.

Janice is thrilled when she bumps into Trev. She eagerly suggests they meet up for a drink but a reluctant Trev doesn’t appear too keen. Janice is put out and her day goes from bad to worse when she suggests going on strike to the factory girls over their reduction in hours. Carla overhears and gives Janice her marching orders.

Also, as Sally and Kevin meet to discuss the divorce Sally’s surprised by Kevin’s latest offer.

*Second episode, 8.30*

Liz pours her heart out to a sympathetic Fiz, claiming Becky is ruining Steve’s life. Steve eventually catches up with Liz and placates her, persuading her to return to the pub saying that Becky’s sorry for everything. But little does he know that a drunken Becky is far from sorry and continues to vent at Liz. At the end of his tether Steve turns on Becky and points out that she’s driven away his daughter and now his mother too.

As Carla and Maria meet with Frank, Maria prepares to swallow her pride and apologise to him for the sake of both Carla and Underworld. But faced with a smug Frank she finds it hard to go through with it.

Sally goes on another date with Jeff, and now feels she can move on with her life without Kevin. But it’s clear that the girls are unsure about their mum’s new lease of life.

Also, Peter and Leanne arrive home to find Janice in their flat having lost her job. She’s cheered up though when she bumps into Trevor again and he invites her for a drink.

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