Becky’s convinced she’s going to prison

Steve and Becky meet with Hooch and are now convinced that she’ll be going to prison later today. As they worry about the effect her disappearance will have on Amy, Becky sits her down and explains that she might not be around when she gets back from school. Amy tells her not to be sad but Becky’s resigned to her fate and goes to the café for one final meal.

Peter wakes up to discover that Simon’s rabbit Leanne has died. He debates trying to replace it but Blanche says he should be told the truth. As Peter gently breaks the news Simon’s devastated, asking if it’s in heaven with his mum. Peter comforts him but worries that he’s using the rabbit’s death to grieve for her.

Darryl’s feeling insecure about his future with Amber. Minnie tells him to share his concerns with her but when he suggests he could get a job in London and they could share a flat, she dismisses the idea. Amber promises to visit at weekends and assures him they’ll survive but Darryl’s not so sure.

Also, Pam’s new business plan for Bill involves wearing bright orange boiler suits and Leon arrives just as Jason is modelling one of the outfits.

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