Becky’s life goes up in smoke!

Steve tells Stella he’s putting the Rovers up for sale, and giving her first refusal, Steve delights Tracy by revealing he’s bought Lloyd’s house. Pulling out an engagement ring he proposes to Tracy. Becky later bumps into Steve and is devastated to hear that he’s asked Tracy to marry him. Back at the flat Becky drinks destructively while burning photos of her and Steve. Falling asleep drunk she has no idea the embers are still alight and as the fire takes hold Nick calls to check on her. He kicks the door down just as an ambulance is called!

Carla’s thrilled when she opens the necklace from Peter. Meanwhile, as Leanne shows off the new mobile Peter bought her, Stella’s worried, assuming the necklace was for Leanne. Meanwhile, Peter sneaks off to see Carla.

As the Platts celebrate David‘s 21st birthday Kylie prepares a surprisingly good dinner. But they’re interrupted by news that Becky’s flat is on fire!

Also, Chesney and Katy are smitten as they bring Joseph home; Will asks Izzy to move their relationship to the next stage, but she turns him down; Eileen spends Christmas home alone when Paul offers to bring Lesley to the pub for a drink; Sylvia arrives back from her cruise on a high after a holiday romance.