Becky’s tidied the flat and is dressed in one of Claire’s cardigans for the social worker’s visit, but she’s thrown when gorgeous Dawn arrives. Steve and Becky do their best to make a good impression, but Becky’s insecurity manifests itself in her defensive attitude and she accuses Dawn of looking down her nose at her and Steve of fancying her. Steve’s aghast as Becky tells her to forget it and shows Dawn the door.

Deirdre plucks up the courage to open Blanche’s letter and is amused to discover it’s a series of demands about her funeral. But as Deirdre sets about making the arrangements, it’s clear her emotions are still raw.

Norris is shocked to see Mary in the Kabin. It’s clear she’s giving a very different version of events and his friends believe her. Feeling put out as Mary makes his reaction seem OTT, Norris warns her to stay away from him.

Elsewhere, Kirk gets back in touch with Izzy and they arrange another date.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky’s gutted she’s blown her chances of adoption and Steve goes after Dawn. Steve blames Becky’s outburst on how much adopting means to her and begs Dawn to let them finish the interview. As Dawn comes back in she overhears Becky breaking the news about Blanche’s death to Amy with sensitivity. Dawn’s touched and continues the visit with Becky now on her best behaviour.

As Dawn leaves, Becky’s overjoyed as Steve assures her that nothing will get in the way of their perfect family. Meanwhile, Tracy begs the prison governor to let her go to Blanche’s funeral, claiming she needs to be there for her daughter. Finally she’s given consent.

As Ken continues to be strong for Deirdre he suddenly realises how much he’ll miss Blanche himself. Meanwhile, Tracy calls to say she’s asked the governor for permission to attend the funeral.

Izzy and Kirk’s date is going well – but when she accuses Liz of talking down to her, then bosses him into applying for the machinist’s job at Underworld, Kirk wonders what he’s getting himself into.

Elsewhere, Sean’s been thinking about Dylan and decides to try and track Violet down.

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