Becky is determined to make sure her wedding day goes to plan, despite it being unlucky Friday 13th. Meanwhile, Liz is desperately trying to apologise to Steve as he gets ready, but he insists that Liz and Lloyd are not welcome at the ceremony. Liz and Lloyd are desperate to make amends and decide to prepare a surprise wedding reception for the happy couple.

Hayley and Natasha put the finishing touches to the bride’s dress, hair and make-up. Becky looks an absolute picture, but her nerves start to get the better of her and she knocks back the champagne at an alarming rate. A tiddly Becky leaves the house but spots Steve and runs to hide in the builder’s yard to avoid the groom seeing her dress before the ceremony – and ends up ripping it. Hayley assures a panicked Becky that she’ll be able to mend the dress in time.

Gail is worried about Joe and shocked when she finds him dishevelled in the lock-up. Joe is overcome with emotion as she hugs him and asks him to come home.

Also, Dev is horrified when Tara shows him her pricey plans for her art gallery; Luke puts pressure on Tom and Maria to sell him their share of Ladrags.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky is becoming increasingly drunk as Hayley desperately tries to fix her dress at the factory. When Becky hears about the fight that Karen and Tracy had on the factory roof over Steve, Roy and Hayley can’t stop her from climbing out onto the roof, bursting into song and spraying the street with champagne!

Steve is waiting nervously at the register office for his bride-to-be and is relieved when she finally arrives in a drunken state, held up by Roy. The register is appalled at her drunkenness and refuses to marry the couple. Steve is at a loss but Becky is so sozzled that she passes out and he takes her back to Coronation Street, still a miss.

Luke, Maria and Tom meet to discuss the future of Ladrags. Tony walks in and is angry to discover that his nemesis is trying to muscle in on that business, too. Tony offers Maria some business advice of his own and she takes it with good grace, then apologises for thinking badly of him in the past.

Also, Liz is thrilled when Lloyd publicly announces that she’s his girlfriend; Gail pleads with Joe to give things another go, but Joe doesn’t want to listen.

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