Oh, Moira… You’re not bouncing around on your marital bed with Cain, are you?! Yes, she is! ‘Stay away,’ she tells the mechanic, but he clearly knows how to get her motor running and she finds herself going straight to fifth gear with him when he drops by the farm. They have to put the brakes on, though, when farmer John comes home and nearly catches Cain and Moira at it. Panic stations!

At Home Farm there’s nothing but misery. Declan has to leave to identify Mia’s body, but Katie thinks he’s just in a mood because Mia hasn’t turned up. Angry at Declan’s behaviour, Katie challenges him and he tells her Mia’s never coming back; she’s dead – and it’s Katie’s fault. What?! Well, if she hadn’t pushed him to ask Mia to visit she would never have had the crash. And because of that Declan wants nothing to do with Katie.

Ali wants nothing to do with her ex-husband, Dan, yet he rolls up in a camper van and wants plenty to do with her. He can’t accept that Ali loves Ruby, not him, and plans to stick around to convince Ali she’s made the wrong choice. Sean’s thrilled, but Ruby’s not – and neither is Ali.