Washed-up record company executive Mark Ruffalo hooks up with wary singer-songwriter Keira Knightley to make music.

Ruffalo’s boozy character has lost his wife (Catherine Keener), daughter (Hailee Steinfeld) and business, while Knightley’s diffident English visitor is being left behind as the career of her pop star boyfriend (Adam Levine from Maroon 5) takes off.

Not interested in stardom herself, she’s coaxed by her ex-pat musician friend (a winning James Corden) to perform one of her songs at an open-mic night.

In the audience, Ruffalo hears potential in her slender ballad and eventually talks her into recording with him.

So they take to the streets of New York with a motley band of musicians, roping in local kids to sing backing vocals in one location and scarpering from the cops in another.

An utterly beguiling comedy drama that wins you over with its sweet story and delightful stars.